P is for Palpitations!

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you have had a fantastic week? Well, it’s the DSJ Hypnotherapy A-Z Menopause Blog time again and we are at P and this week I’m going to talk about Palpitations! With menopause, women often report episodes of heart palpitations, which is an irregular heartbeat or pounding pulse, that may feel theirContinue reading “P is for Palpitations!”

O is for Osteoporosis

Happy Sunday folks, hope you have had an amazing week? Welcome once again to the DSJ Hypnotherapy, A-Z weekly blog of Menopause Symptoms and this week we have landed at O which leads me to want to talk about Osteoporosis.  Osteoporosis is a condition that develops slowly over several years and gradually weakens bones, makingContinue reading “O is for Osteoporosis”