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Whether you’re a line manager in a large corporate company or the leader of a small business, chances are you employ or manage at least one woman

Most women will experience menopausal symptoms at some stage. As a Manager, you have an important role to play in ensuring that anyone experiencing menopausal symptoms gets the same support and understanding as if they had any other health issue.

Sadly, 72% of women suffering the symptoms of Perimenopause or Menopause, say they feel unsupported in the workplace. 9 out 10 say they feel unable to talk to their Manager about this. 1 in 5 take time off to manage this, 1 in 50 are on long term sick leave.

Less than 5% of UK businesses offer a dedicated menopause policy when 59% of women in the workplace experiencing menopausal symptoms say they have a negative, debilitating impact on their work . Studies also show that the menopause can affect women’s confidence, progression and ambition, and that the issues are rarely addressed.

Dedicated to Supporting Your Workforce Through Perimenopause and Menopause

Having previously worked as an Operational Manager in the NHS I am fully aware of the importance of a robust and sustainable workforce. However, having experienced the Menopause first hand, I am also aware that the support and understanding of a Manager and Human Resources Team is the difference between staying in work and sickness sign off.

Menopause Policy Consultancy – Guidance and Development

Incorporating Policy guidance into the management of Menopause allows for a clear and structured pathway to support your staff to retain their highest level of work performance. This enables you to have the assurance that you are an inclusive and forward thinking organisation, placing the concepts of equality and diversity at the heart of your company, making you a more desirable employer of choice.

Menopause Policy Training for Managers

By providing education and training around the ethos, content and processes marked out within the newly created Menopause Policy, there is the assurance that it can be applied in a robust and meaningful way. Following this training, Managers will be able to work with staff to ensure they are being suitably supported to remain within the workplace, giving both the Manager and the subsequent individuals, confidence in company processes.

Workforce Menopause Awareness and Well-being and Training

By incorporating bespoke staff training as part of the process provides a wider understanding of Perimenopause and Menopause symptoms; supporting individual’s mental health during the challenging transition through Menopause. In addition, the training provides a platform to build organisational awareness with the insight to break taboos and allow for a progressive, contemporary and compassionate workplace. The training will provide general menopause information and focuses upon mental health and well-being management techniques and are based upon the concepts of Solution Focused Therapy and Hypnotherapy to support self management and care.

Menopause Support Group Facilitation

If your workplace has an appetite for a Menopause Support Group but it just doesn’t ever seem to get off the ground then maybe some structured facilitation is required.

The Corporate agenda and goal of the group would be to raise awareness and support staff in the workplace during this phase of life. Groups need to be meaningful and add value, the application of a ‘SMART’ approach can ensure this is achieved.

S- Specific- Create a session structure and ongoing group agenda so that each session has a clear direction and intention.

M- Measurable- Measure attendance, participation and gather feedback, allowing you, as an organisation to measure and recognise the value of the group in supporting your workforce.

A- Achievable- Although initially facilitated, this group can eventually be employee led, allowing them to shape and grow the group as they wish once the initial ground work is established . This approach removes the initial stress but encourages ownership and will lead to positive results and outcomes.

R- Realistic- Realistically, as much as employees want, and even need groups such as these to support their health and well-being, stress levels can be raised when there is the pressure to create the space to innovate another new aspect into their working day. If the planning and facilitation is taken out of the equation and employees can be initially led, the goals are far more likely to be achieved, making this a realistic and attainable goal.

T- Timely- Initial planning, set agendas, and timelines will provide the motivation to progress the group and once embedded, the group will be easily managed and virtually self sufficient.

As part of the facilitation package, guest speakers would be arranged to attend the group to share insight and information on aspects such as nutrition, exercise, skin care and other Menopause Management subjects . After the initial planning and discussion stages 2-3 sessions would be facilitated before being handed over to the group to independently progress forwards.

One to one Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Sessions

By supporting and offering your staff the opportunity to access specifically focused therapy, once again, upholds the ethos and delivers the message of a progressive organisation. Working on a one to one basis, the introduction of ‘Solution Focused’ Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy techniques can support your staff to stay in work when struggling to manage their menopausal symptoms or, alternatively, assist a return to work, with a renewed confidence.


Menopause Policy Consultancy and Writing ServiceCost agreed according to requirement
Menopause Policy Training for ManagersPrice per 1.5 hour session £120
Menopause Well-being and Mental Health TrainingPrice per 2 hour session £160
Menopause Support Group Facilitation Price per 1.5 hour session £95
One to one Solution Focused Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Sessions
(Approximately 6 – 8 sessions advised)
Per person/per session £65

Free Consultation

I offer a free consultation to all businesses and organisations to allow an opportunity to discuss the 3 step approach in more detail. At this time we can discuss and build a bespoke package that suits your business and your workforce, incorporating one or all of the steps. I am dedicated and passionate about creating the approach that is right for you to support your workforce in the best way possible.

Why not take some information on this to your next meeting – download and share my Infographic below.

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