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Hi everyone…I’m Donna

Having trained in Holistic Therapies over 20 years ago I have always been an advocate for Complimentary Therapies to support positive health and well-being.  With a growing interest in health management, I moved on to qualify as a Registered Nurse in 2006 and still maintain my registration today.  My Nursing career has provided me with some fantastic experiences and opportunities and in 2014 I gained my Specialist Community Practitioner Degree, allowing me to develop both clinically and managerially, taking me forward to operationally manage community health services.

Following this, with a slight change in direction in line with my passion for education, I was blessed to have the opportunity to work at St Richard’s Hospice, Worcester, as the Head of Education and Learning.  The reward of supporting clinical workforce development and enhancing practice through education is a gift and a joy that I shall always treasure. However, following some personal health and well-being challenges, another passion manifested for me and the desire to support women suffering the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause became incredibly close to my heart. 

I have lived in Worcester with my husband since 2011 and am the enormously proud mother of two adult sons, also both living in Worcester.  As my children had now grown up, I was welcoming this liberating and exciting time of life but sadly this new phase did not come alone.  After several years of suffering the symptoms of Endometriosis, I was advised to have a total hysterectomy, removing my womb, ovaries, and cervix.  The thought of a life free of the grizzly effects of the Endometriosis seemed too good to be true and I embraced this decision and in 2017 underwent the required surgery.  I immediately commenced on Hormone Replacement Therapy and for the first couple of months, life was feeling renewed.  Unfortunately, this is when ‘surgical menopause’ hit me like a train and brought with it a devastating wave of symptoms – brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, depression, joint pain, night sweats and insomnia, leaving me feeling confused, overwhelmed, exhausted, and completely unconfident in every aspect of my life. 

After numerous unsuccessful attempts at addressing the symptoms through ‘conventional’ approaches, I was advised by a friend to explore hypnotherapy, to which, in all honesty I was sceptical.  From the word go I was a convert and on embracing and engaging with the treatment I found that my life was transformed, and I completely turned a corner, a corner that had felt so far away in my darkest days, I wasn’t sure it even existed.

Realistically, the process was ‘evolutionary’ in that the treatment was not a cure all miracle to every symptom I had, but it had given me the confidence, control, and power that I had been lacking.  With these skills and resources back in my catalogue, I was able to embrace life again and with that newfound drive, one of my first steps was to gain my qualification to become a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist.   DSJ Hypnotherapy was born of a very real experience and a desire to reach out and help women who are suffering the devastating symptoms that perimenopause and menopause can bring.  As a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) and the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), and by specialising in this field, I aim to support women to regain what they may feel is lost forever – to embrace the power to reclaim command of their lives. 

What makes me different from other Hypnotherapists?

I have been where you are and as a result, I have devoted my whole practice to supporting people to restore their confidence, as I was able to do.  This teamed with my knowledge and experience as a Registered Nurse allows me to understand the health conditions that are impacting your life. 

I can only challenge you to be the most powerful version of yourself. I invested in myself with amazing results – I want you to invest in yourself!

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Accreditations and Qualifications

Registered Nurse (RN)AdDip
Specialist Community Practitioner (SCP)Bsc Hons
Holistic Therapies & Stress ManagementDiploma
Life Coaching Diploma
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy – (DSFH) Diploma
Hypnotherapy in Practice – (HPD)Diploma


  • AfSFH Registered
  • MNHC Registered
  • Practice Insurance
  • Full DBS Check Certificate

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