Excellent, extremely professional, you enabled me to feel relaxed and gain the full benefits from hypnotherapy. I have difficulties with trust and opening up to people, however you quickly made me feel at ease and I felt I could share things in confidence. The whole experience was life changing for me and I would certainly recommend it to anyone


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“About week three of the therapy I definitely felt I had a switch of perspective, I realised a lack of feeling angry and frustrated that week, at things occurring at work.

My manager had commented at how she was amazed at how calmly and patiently I was dealing with things. I also noticed a change in my interactions at work, far more positive, actually my responses to any interaction were generally much more favorable it feels amazing to be in control again”


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I feel like I have more tools to use when I am anxious or in a situation where I am experiencing symptoms. It has helped me to see things differently and to remember that I do have control and I can stop to think rationally. It has helped me to become more outgoing and trust in myself more. I can challenge some negative thoughts and when things are too overwhelming, I can use the guided imagery to help re-focus

“Brilliant, very understanding and explains everything clearly. Very reassuring and respectful. I got a sense of trustworthiness and never felt judged”


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“I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy from Donna to anyone. It was really helpful to receive it on a weekly bases as it would clear the week to re focus and continue to work through things. The sessions were so beneficial to me, Donna is professional, confidential, kind, caring and compassionate -10/10 amazing”


Clifton Practice Outcomes Research Program – ‘CORP’

Practice Results
With Client permission, DSJ Hypnotherapy incorporates the ‘Clifton Practice Outcomes Research Program’ as part of the therapy evaluation process. Practice data analysis shows that the average improvement in the client’s health and well-being sits at a rate of 62.43% following just 6 therapy sessions. CORP®

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