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So, what exactly is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH)?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a type of ‘talking therapy’, that combines the use of psychotherapy with hypnosis.  Hypnosis or ‘trance’ is a very natural, relaxing state, encouraged by using guided relaxation, where the mind can relax and then focus on thoughts and suggestions that might be useful.  As a modern psychotherapeutic approach, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses practical, structured, and well-researched strategies to help people make significant, positive changes in their lives in a relatively short period of time. Crucially, in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, I will look at what you, as the client, wants to achieve (the solution) rather than at whatever prompted them to seek help (the problem).

How we will work together

You may wish to read a little about my background before taking the next step – About me

On contacting me, we can book your free, Initial Consultation.

That appointment will involve the following steps;

Either face to face in my comfortable therapy room or remotely via zoom, we will discuss what it is that has led you to seek help and how you would like things to be different, including your goals and hopes for how you would like things to be in the future.  Goals may also include wanting to change certain behaviors, such as to sleep better, to create better eating habits or to stop drinking too much – and many other things for which Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be beneficial. ‘Freedom From’

I will also at this time gather some general information such as your contact details, any history, or conditions that you might feel are relevant, and other details that can help me assess how best I can help you.

I will then explain to you how the brain works, how we experience emotions in the way that we do and how these can affect our moods, our behavior and lead to inappropriate habits. We will then be able to focus on what we can do to change any negative or unwanted patterns of behavior to leave you free to focus on the positive aspects of your life.  In addition, I will also include details about what trance is, and how it is a very normal and natural state, and what you can expect from our sessions.

At this time, we will also be able to gain an indication of the likely number of sessions that may be required to support you in attaining those fantastic goals, which can differ depending on individual circumstances and the reasons for seeking therapy.

If you feel that you would like to progress with the treatment, we will book you in for your first appointment and following the session I will send you a relaxation recording to listen to in between your sessions, which can help you relax and reinforce the benefits of hypnotherapy.

The initial consultation is a great way for us to get to know each other and provides a good opportunity to ask any questions about the process, so that you can feel comfortable and informed about what will happen and how it will help.

Finally, we will finish off the session with a little bit of administration in the form of signing of a consent form, which will include terms and conditions of therapy, and how your data will be utilised and protected.  We can also discuss payment arrangements as discounts are available for block bookings. Prices and booking Contact

What to expect during a typical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy session?

Following your initial consultation, our next appointment will move on to your first therapy and trance session. 

Discussions involving some solution focused questions and techniques will then help you to consider and refine your solutions that can help you to move forward in your life and embrace the positive aspects of your life, as well as embrace the progress that you are achieving. Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Techniques may also be applied to support this process but will be fully discussed and explained at the appointment.

After this, you will then be invited to quietly relax in a position that is comfortable for you, whilst I speak and guide you gently into a relaxed state, where you can enjoy resting in a day-dream-like trance state.  This provides the space for your mind to focus on and further absorb and reflect on the things that we have discussed during the session – this is hypnosis. 

Hypnosis, or trance describes times when we experience a shift in our conscious awareness. Trance used during hypnotherapy is hugely different from the kind of things we might see in ‘stage hypnosis’ and is completely safe, whilst you remain fully in control.


In our day to day lives we all naturally go in and out of trance states many times during the day – perhaps when we are driving, reading a good book or even washing the dishes. In this relaxed state, we experience changes in our conscious awareness – almost like being in a day-dream. During this time, the unconscious mind is more aware and can focus on helpful suggestions and thoughts.  Trance is not mind-control!

When we are in a trance state we are still in control, and we process and decide whether information or suggestions are useful to us or not and will not accept or do anything against our will.  Being in a trance is a very relaxing experience – and it is something that all of us will frequently experience in our daily lives. In fact, experiencing changes in our conscious awareness is a vital part of our existence as humans – we need times where we can relax, reflect and consolidate information, and utilise different parts of our brains for different activities.

From a scientific perspective, changes in conscious awareness can be demonstrated using Electroencephalography or EEG, which is a method of recording electrical energy in the brain. Our brain wave activity changes all the time, particularly as we enter different phases of when we go to sleep. When we use guided relaxation and mental imagery it can encourage you to go into a trance state, which causes a natural shift in our brainwave patterns. This means that we might shift from being in a fully alert mental state (like when we are hectic and busy working during the day – as shown by beta brain wave activity) into other states. As we are guided into deeper levels of relaxation, the brain demonstrates more alpha and theta wave activity, where we feel calmer and more relaxed but can also visualise images and reflect on different ideas that may be useful to us.

So, why choose this kind of therapy?

Unlike other forms of therapy, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses a specific structure, which incorporates several aspects of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and combines these with an understanding of how the brain works, in combination with using trance.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy does not require the therapist to ‘dig into’ a person’s past, as this is not deemed necessary to help the person formulate plans and best hopes for how they want to move forward in their lives in the future.

Hypnosis reduces anxiety, and this is done very simply through relaxation and visualisation, allowing you to focus on the positive aspects of life that encourages a shift in perspective.

Applying these methods and working collaboratively will allow the focus to be on changing your habits of thought, which in turn, transforms your habits of action, resulting in positive and empowering behaviours.  This will enable you to move beyond your limitations and create more joy, more love, more abundance, and more health in your life.

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