O is for Osteoporosis

Happy Sunday folks, hope you have had an amazing week?

Welcome once again to the DSJ Hypnotherapy, A-Z weekly blog of Menopause Symptoms and this week we have landed at O which leads me to want to talk about Osteoporosis. 

Osteoporosis is a condition that develops slowly over several years and gradually weakens bones, making them fragile and more likely to break and the word Osteoporosis actually means “porous bone.” Healthy bone actually resembles honeycomb but when osteoporosis occurs, the holes and spaces in the honeycomb become much larger.

Women are at higher risk of Osteoporosis, with some women experiencing a drastic 20 percent loss of bone density after menopause in response to lower levels of oestrogen in the body.  This loss of density is often not even recognised until a fracture occurs, often of the wrist, hip, or spinal bones. 

So here we are again with another beauty of a symptom due to those reducing reproductive hormones and this little devil can creep up very silently.  There will be no symptoms in the early stages, and it usually remains unnoticed for decades. It is only by suffering a bone fracture of some kind that can be first sign or symptom and then a bone scan will be used to confirm this.

Of course, the frustrating and unpleasant factor is of course pain that can be associated with the occurrence of a fracture and of course the healing process can take so much longer without the same pre-osteoporosis bone density. Hip fractures, that can happen easily with a simple slip, trip or fall, can take months to heal and may actually require surgery or possible a total hip replacement.

Another indicator of Osteoporosis can be a stooped posture, as the bones become weaker they begin to soften under the weight of the head and often a stooping, curved spine is evident.  This is not always hugely noticeable in the early stages but over time can become very prominent and have a huge impact on one’s ability to move well and may even lead to repeated spine fractures and lower back pain.

You will be glad to hear that there are treatments that can slow or stop bone loss, and to improve bone density.  There are medications that can be prescribed if Osteoporosis is detected and these will slow the deterioration of bone density down, however, as always prevention is better than cure.  Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) helps to increase the bone density as it mimics the oestrogen hormone that is so important to maintaining healthy bones.  In addition, the hormone replacement of Testosterone also supports strong and healthy bones.  Of course, supplements have a part to play with Vitamin D and Calcium being known to support bone health. It is advisable to speak to your GP about what may be the best route for you.

Now, as always, a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, stopping smoking and reducing alcohol intake are all on that list of ways to protect yourself from the Osteo beast, but as always we sometimes find ourselves knowing the best routes but struggle to tap into them.

By now, you know what’s coming from me….’broken record time’!! Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy can be that absolute, positive catalyst to supporting you towards living that best life.  Doing those things, we talk ourselves out of becomes easier and easier when we empty our stress buckets, boost those Serotonin hits, and start making those positive little changes.  The changes you make today can affect your tomorrow. 

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