Exciting news!!

So, after a busy summer I am excited to be back to tell you about an exciting 6 Week Programme that myself and my amazing colleague Pam Clark from The Emporium of Health will be collaborating on. Pam is a Nutritional Therapist, and like me, has a specialist interest in supporting women through the transition that is Menopause.

This Programme is going to be chock full of resources to support beautiful women through the peri-menopause. Such as:.

👉Stunning, delicious and easy to prepare recipes that balance mood, stabilise energy, support optimum weight, refreshing sleep and manage stress response.

👉 Fascinating weekly webinars offering phenomenal insights into the full body experience that is the Menopause and how to ride the meno-storm!

👉 Evidence based guidance on managing sleep, stress, movement, mindset, emotions and psychological well-being.

👉 Live and recorded guided solutions focused sessions

👉 Weekly live coaching calls via Zoom

The group will purposefully be small to facilitate individual progress whilst benefiting from the support of the community.

Keep your eyes peeled for our launch date and more information!

If you are ready to find out more? Drop us a line with “Yes please” at pam@emporiumofhealth.com or dsj.hypno@outlook.com

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