This makes my heart sing!

Within the work I do there is nothing more rewarding that seeing clients progress and make long lasting positive changes to their life. When people come to me they are always stuck in some way. They have found themselves reliving a pattern of behavior or a set of unwanted feelings and emotions and these things are always creating some kind of negative impact on their lives.

I always welcome feedback from my clients and when I received this the other day I was beyond proud of his achievements, touched at his kind words and inspired, once again by the wonderful process that is Solution Focused Therapy.

I want to share with you that feedback as an acknowledgement of hope that however tough life can be there is always a solution. So, in his words……

Hypnotherapy, look into my eyes, watch the pendulum, follow my finger – Really – well Donna Jones is nothing like this what so ever.

Unfortunately I have to admit that I have and may still suffer the anxiety, low mood swings and even a bit of the depression but currently I’m buzzing on life and have been since my time with Donna. To explain, i have seen a couple of councilors and they had been good but I never felt that I had been given the tools to actually help keep the black clouds from coming back. This would normally be during the darker nights and when work felt as though it was all to much.

I spoke to Donna who said to come and see her for a free consultation. I forget how long this was meant to last but it was well over an hour and after talking and listening to her I decided I would give this a try. At the same time Donna WhatsApp me an audio to listen to every night, before, during and after our sessions had ended. I decided to try the six block session, a little cheaper and at the time I thought that wouldn’t be enough anyway. The main thing with Donna is she knows what you are going through. This is not my place to tell why I know this but she does and I’m sure that if you see Donna you would also understand.

It’s pointless me telling you how each session went but understand you are not In there to keep giving negative vibes. Donna will give you a homework list that I suggest you do and write it down. It was the three P’s. Positive interactions, positive activity and positive thought. It helped me so much but do it, really do it. Being low it’s hard but if you stick with it you will be so surprised.

I can’t bore you with each session we had but by session three I asked to have a two week break. I was feeling better and wondered if I could try going longer without the weekly sessions. Then session four and five. I still have not had session six and that has been several months now. Donna didn’t mind at all holding one in the bank for me. My challenge, will I need it – EVER???

I am not going to tell you that this is just down to Donna, I’m an avid gym goer but in dark times that was so difficult. I actually joined two gyms, I know, extravagant, but one is where you have to book your sessions so this helps me through the dark winter days and months. You book and pay. You don’t go, you waste your money. My wife pushes me when I was saying I’m not going. She is also such a huge help. I also took up another evening activity during the dark, February and March months. This meant I had to get out of work on time – something I would normally never do.

Anyway I have now rambled along enough. I am high on life and I’m not going to say everything is ok but with Donna’s help, support and her amazing audio, I actually have the tools to keep those black clouds away.

You don’t have to feel this way and there is a way out. Try this little lady – but she can’t fix you if your not prepared to fix yourself. You can get through the black, I feel I have and I am prepared to write another piece in twelve months to let you know if I needed that outstanding session.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Donna Jones- a super star in my eyes.
Sorry but I’m not telling you who I am because I’m not that brave but this has been me story.

As titled…..this truly makes my heart sing!!

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